Consultative Process

Participatory Medicine is the style of  medicine practised by Dr Goldberg whereby patient and doctor are actively and equally involved in the consultation process.

At the Initial 60 minute Consultation  the doctor will make a diagnostic and therapeutic assessment on the basis of the case presented  and will provide each patient with a personalised treatment programme .  This programme will outline a variety of different ways of counteracting the cancer illness. Choices, decisions, planning and preparations are part of this process. This constitutes the Preparation and Planning therapeutic phase.

The Second Initiation Consultation marks the beginning of treatment and covers further  diagnostic assessment by means of conventional investigations, live blood analysis or other modalities and an initial participatory counseling session.  At this consultation the active phase of treatment will be planned and scheduled.  Other therapists may be called in to support the therapy.  This is the Initiation Phase of treatment

The Follow up Consultations that take place during the active phase of treatment are designed to monitor progress and to develop a vibrant and empowering partnership with the therapeutic team.

Participatory Counselling – Coaching Sessions are actively encouraged to explore deeper psycho-spiritual issues related to the cancero-genesis and to develop healing resources for managing the illness.  Here is where we search and find the internal physician within.

Maintenance Follow up Consultations This comprises a long term monitoring period  with 4-6 weekly clinic visits, monitoring by phone, on line and via diagnostics during active home treatment.