Treatment Modalities

A wide range of treatment modalities are available at the Syringa Integrated Health Centre:

Anthroposophical Medicine

Anthroposophically Integrated Medicine is a holistic system of medicine developed by Rudolf Steiner as an extension of conventional bio-medicine.

Integrative Medicine and Health Care

Integrative Medicine makes use of and combines the best modalities available from conventional Western, traditional, natural and complementary medical sources.  It recognises that the human being has a physical and a non physical nature that is in constant interaction and that health and ill health are an expression of this interaction.   It emphasises the preventative side of medicine and advocates that patients take responsibility for their own health and illnes by learning to understand the nature of their own bodily and psychological systems.  This eanbles patients to take care of their own heakth and wellbeing and to determine their own individulaised health care.


Homeopathy is a curative system of therapeutics based upon fundamental laws of nature.


Phytotherapy or Herbal Medicinee is a worldwide system of medicine which uses plants to prevent and cure disease.

Participatory Medicine

Participatory Medicine is an interactive way of practicing medicine where a conscious partnership is forged between patient and doctor to enable the patient to help the doctor to help the patient to help him or herself.    

Participatory Counselling / Psychophonetics

A modality of personal transformation, life coaching, counselling and consultancy based on Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy and Psychosophy.