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natural HIV treatment cape town

Dr. Raoul has practiced Integrative Medicine for 40 years in Switzerland, Germany and Cape Town South Africa. He has developed a unique brand of integrative medicine which he calls Participatory Medicine that combines anthroposophical medicine, homeopathy, functional medicine, nutritional medicine and counseling, where the patient or client is an active partner in the diagnostic and therapeutic program.

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integrative medicine cape town
I found my experience at Syringa Integrative Health Centre to be exceptionally superior in a warm family like environment. Dr. Goldberg has deep empathy and a set of tools, knowledge and experience that look at the cause of disease and treatment, all having enabled my recovery from cancer.

~ Tidimalo R., Cancer Survivor, Gaborone

integrative medicine cape town
Being diagnosed 6 years ago with a stage 4 rare and aggressive cancer was a shattering and somewhat embarrassing experience. Dr Goldberg with his integrative approach helped me to understand that repressed issues lead to disease and recommended I undergo counseling to try and uncover what experience it was that had manifested as cancer and that I use Iscador and have autohematherapy administered. I think that this approach was invaluable.

~ Jane Groves Steven, Cancer Survivor, South Africa

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our specialities

cancer treatment in cape town
Child health

Comprehensive health care, prevention of illness and management of all contemporary child and adolescent illnesses including addictions, emotional disorders and chronic illnesses.
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cancer treatment in cape town

The Syringa Integrative Cancer Centre offers holistic management of cancer in all its aspects – prevention, predispositions and all stages of cancer
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Addiction treatment in cape town

Our unique addiction treatment program with detoxing, healthy lifestyle and deep participatory counseling sessions manages the condition at its core
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natural HIV treatment cape town
Participatory health – whole person health

Participatory Medicine  fosters optimal health in the patient or client, health practitioner and the therapeutic alliance itself.
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Chronic illnesses

These illnesses can only be managed effectively by finding their root cause which lies hidden in the biography of the patient.
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cancer treatment in cape town
Other specialities

Diabetes, Chronic Fatigue, Auto Immune Disorders, Metabolic Disorders (Gut, Liver, Kidneys, Endocrine), Musculo-joint-skeletal Disorders (Arthritis, Disc Prolapses).
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healing modalities

Integrative Medicine cape town

This whole-person medicine combines the best of Western Bio-Medicine, Complementary, Traditional, and Natural approaches.
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Participatory Counselling in cape town

The PATH Method has been specifically developed as a diagnostic and healing modality for use in medical, therapeutic and personal transformative work.
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IV Therapy cape town

Is used as a preventive treatment or health booster and for treating cancer, chronic infections, diabetes and chronic inflammation.
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Natural Medicine cape town

Mineral, Metal, Plant and even Animal based medicines (eg snake and bee venoms) are employed using a variety of  healing modalities.
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UV treatments cape town

This is a safe, non-toxic and non-invasive cancer therapy that both damages cancer cells as well as enhances immune protective function.
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Additional Healing Modalities

Anthroposophical Medicine, Homeopathy,  Botanical medicine, Acupuncture, Massage,  Artistic therapies (Painting, Clay Modelling), Movement therapies (Eurythmy,  Dancing),  Sound Therapy
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