Consultative Process

Participatory Medicine is Dr Goldberg’s preferred mode of practice  where patient and doctor participate actively and equally  in the consultation process.

At the Initial 60 minute Consultation  this participatory engagement will allow an in-depth diagnosis of the condition to emerge, where the cancer may be seen as an outcome of a specific constitution, temperament, personality, predispositions, biography, environment, lifestyle and habitual patterns, that all affect the physiology adversely. This integral picture will lead to a personalised treatment programme aimed at restoring the disturbed equilibrium.  This programme will outline various options for counteracting the cancer process. Choices, decisions, planning and preparations are part of this process.

The Treatment Options  together with  Cost Estimates will be emailed to the patient and once full understanding and approval for the treatment is reached, therapy appointments will be scheduled and initiated.

Follow up Consultations during active treatment will cover guidance in dietary and other lifestyle and environmental modifications, life blood analysis testing  and monitoring of progress.  A vibrant and empowering partnership with the therapeutic team is actively encouraged as best outcomes have been showed when a strong and trusting alliance has been forged between patient and clinical team.

Participatory Counselling – Coaching Sessions are actively encouraged to explore deeper psycho-spiritual issues related to the genesis of cancer and to develop healing resources for managing the illness.  Here is where we search and find the internal physician within.

Maintenance  Consultations This comprises a long term monitoring period  with 4-6 weekly clinic visits, monitoring by phone, on line and via diagnostics during active home treatment.