Therapeutic Model

Scientific research has shown that active participation and involvement of the patient in their illness produces optimal healing outcomes. We therefore encourage our patients to engage in the following therapeutic model, which in its broad participatory nature, has proved to be highly effective even in the most severe cases.

  1. Right Intention  – It is important to determine at the outset what are the hopes, wishes and intentions of patients as they embark on their journey of healing.  This awakens a potent innate healing force – the focused power of will – which will direct, illuminate  and magnify the healing process.
  1. Right Position – It is well documented that a positive attitude to health will lead to the best healing outcomes. It is therefore extremely helpful if the patient can locate the most suitable part of their character to manage this healing work. We help patients find their right position–the positive director, the leader, the healer who is willing and able to discover what needs to be understood and what needs to be done to bring about healing.  Finding the inner physician is a choice that can take place during the initial consultation or at the first explorative participatory counseling session
  1. Lifestyle Modification – A personalized life style programme will be explored  regarding basic life activities – Diet, Healthy Water, Exercise, Sleep, Work, Recreation and Creative activities
  1. Environmental Cleansing –  Internal and external environmental factors are major causes  or trigger factors in the development of cancer.  Every effort is therefore made to eliminate these carcinogenic agencies. 
  • External – Micro-organism toxicity from mould, house dust mites, electro-magnetic pollution, chemical pollution
    • Home Sanitation, Pet Care
    • Geomagnetic and Electro-magnetic Stress reduction
    • Ionisation and air purification
  • Internal – Heavy metal, micro-organism, metabolic toxicity and psycho-social stresses
    • Detox procedures
        • Parasite and Microbial elimination
        • Organ cleanses – bowel, liver, kidney
        • Colonic irrigation
        • Chelation
        • Biological dentistry – amalgam, cavitation, root canal removal
    • Participatory Counselling to explore psycho-emotional stress factors and to facilliate their resolution
  1. Understanding / Diagnostics –  Every endeavor is made to understand the nature and background of the illness by means of selected diagnostic options:
  • Conventional diagnostic investigations and interventions: – laboratory, radiological, surgical
  • Live blood analysis
  • Hair analysis
  • Pulse diagnosis
  • Kinesiology
  • Participatory Counselling
  1. Active Therapy – From a wide range of  therapeutic options a personalized treatment plan is devised for each patient
  • Oral treatments – include Anthroposophical medicines, Homeopathics,Traditional Chinese Medical herbs, Herbals, Pharama grade Aloe, Anti-oxidants,Super foods, liposomal Vitamin C 
  • Intravenous therapy – Ozone therapy, High dose Vitamin C and minerals, , Iscador
  • Subcutaneous injections – Mistletoe
  • Sono Photo Dynamic therapy
  • Body treatments – Acupuncture, Massage, Lymph Compresssion, Chiropractor, Rolfing
  • Participatory Counselling – Somato Psycho Spiritual Repositioning
  1. Sustaining –  Maintaining – Vital to the long term outcome of cancer is the search to find ways to overcome the cancer completely or to live in harmony with the contained cancer.  This requires maintaining sufficient restorative, regulative, regenerative and protective forces to counter the destructive forces of the cancer.  The Syringa After Care Programme is designed to meet this need.
  1. Transforming, Meaning and  Healing –  The ultimate objective in the cancer journey is to discover the means  to overcome it.  This inevitably requires deep insight into the inner cause of the illness and the skill set to remove or transform the blocks or the deficiencies that have resulted in the illness. The Syringa Integrative Cancer Centre is dedicated to this goal