Consultation Process

Every Consultation Process involves a comprehensive diagnostic assessment and a choice of therapeutic options

First Consultation 45 -60 min Clinical diagnostic and therapeutic assessment for all new patients
Comprehensive Health Consultation 90 min In depth diagnostic and therapeutic assessment, including live blood analysis, and conventional lab tests.
Follow Up Consultation 15– 30 min

Telephone, Skype or Zoom Consultation 30-60 mins
House Visits On personal request

Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment

An in-depth interview and examination explores the health of each patient on physical, psycho-emotional and spiritual levels. Viewing the whole person as a unique individual, with a unique life history in a unique life setting allows for the discovery of the deeper causes of illness.
Diagnosis means to know or recognise between two things – what is whole and what is not yet whole.
Chronic physical illnesses very often have social or psycho-emotional background causes.
These root causes may be present on the subconscious bodily level and can be brought to conscious awareness through body awareness and expressive diagnostic techniques conducted during the interview. Deeper exploration can be continued later in a Participatory counselling session
Other diagnostic services which add depth to the picture of the illness include specific diagnostic tests. For details see Diagnostics and Therapy Options

Therapeutic options
The word “therapeia” means healing of the not yet whole.
Diagnosis and therapy are two parts which belong intrinsically together. The more complete the diagnosis, the closer will the therapy come to restoring the healthy balanced state.
At Path to Health, a wide range of therapeutic options are available to support the healing process. For details see Therapy Options