Multi-Disciplinary Team

A number of other health practitioners run their independent practices from the Syringa Centre. These include a chiropracter, massage therapist, psychophonetic counsellor, physical therapist, nurse and skin therapist. When required a patient will be referred to  one or more of these therapists who will work together with the referring physician to maximise the therapeutic outcome.

DR  RAOUL GOLDBERG Full time GP and Director of Centre
 DANA SMIRIN  Co-Director
DR MARK PREYSER Chiropracter
ANNA PRINSLOO Physical Therapist;
DR  ELINA  KOMOROVA Rhythmic  Masseuse
DANA SMIRIN Guided Visualization, Cancer Care Coach, PATH Method Facilitator
 Shaun Charter, RN  Hydro Colonics
 House of Holistic Health  Acupuncture, Qi Gong, Chinese Herbs, Bio Kinetiks
 Dr. Mo Karodia  Biological Dentistry