Principles and Aims

The Work of the Centre is based on the following nine principles:

  1. Integrative Medical Approach that makes use of the best modalities available from conventional, traditional, natural and complementary medical sources
  2. Confluence of Science and Art combined with the highest Moral principles
  3. Holistic Understanding of the human being as Body, Mind-Soul, Spirit and its Interrelated Connection to Nature and the Universe
  4. Participatory Experience that exists in the Partnership between the patient and practitioner, as well as within the multifaceted inner life of the patient and practitioner.
  5. Appreciation for the individual personal experience, the innate intelligence, the physical, psychological and spiritual capacity, the hidden resources and the power for healing in every human being
  6. Trust in the I- Centred Choice Maker in every person that aspires to grow, develop, mature and that guides the destiny of every human being
  7. Dynamic Team approach that develops between practitioner, nurse, therapist patients, family, friends and other social support groups
  8. Reality that every illness offers a unique opportunity for new insights, growth and development, transformation and healing
  9. Unconditional and Unprejudiced Respect for the Uniqueness of every Individual and for the Freedom of every human to evolve at their own pace and in their own way, and to make the choices that are right and good for their well being at every moment of their lives.