Awakening to Deep Experience and Empowerment

In every interaction with the world, we connect ourselves simultaneously with something outside and with something inside and discover that what is outside is at the same time inside. We reach out to an object – a child, a flower, our own body -, we perceive it and cognise it, we may feel it and then express it in some way: we see a sad child, recognize who it is, feel into his sadness and reach out to pick him up and comfort him. We meet the child outside, but we can only do this because simultaneously we create inside a mental picture of the child, an emotive feeling and a willful response. The object outside in the present moment may also invoke inside the past and the future: the child outside may evoke a remembering of the child of this age or a remembering of sadness; I reach back into the past. It may also activate a wish to do something or be something for the child; I reach forward into the future.
Through our experience of the world, we unite and become one with the world.

In normal waking consciousness, we experience the world in only four ways:
All interactions and all learning takes place through our cognitive functions of thinking, remembering and visualizing, our sensing and perceiving functions, our feeling or emotive responses and our expressive, intuitive and will based actions.
When we become conscious of these four basic functions of experience, we can sharpen and strengthen these capacities and lay the foundations to become a knower of life. We can become a real expert in any field of life and at the same time we discover ourselves. We begin to open up and liberate the vast potential that lies hidden within and achieve thereby deep and lasting fulfillment.

These self empowering tools can be taught to all who seek to deepen their experience of life and wish to empower themselves to become active carers of self and the world.

As the harvest of his life’s work, Raoul is committed to teaching this methodology of knowing and caring through his writing, lectures and workshops.